ArmadaHealth – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Suzanne Clough, MD, Chief Medical Officer at ArmadaHealth, to share about their cutting-edge clinical navigation solutions.

Today’s typical referral process is subjective and random.  Common resources like provider directories, social media, referrals by family and friends, and even doctors can lead to misinformation, resulting in higher bills, or even mistakes, which can really add up.  For a whole host of reasons, unqualified doctors are treating or performing procedures that they shouldn’t be.  With the wrong care provider in place, complications from mistakes and unnecessary tests, treatments, procedures and readmissions can end up costing 10x more, or even result in death.

ArmadaHealth is delivering peace of mind by connecting people to the right doctor.  They do this by providing evidence-based, objective and accurate guidance and recommendations for members during their patient journey so they can make informed choices about their doctors.



At the core of ArmadaHealth is S.I.E.N.A., their intelligence platform. Over the past 15 years, they’ve been building a knowledge base of the nation’s physicians to generate the most relevant recommendations for a member’s needs. 


QualityCare Connect


Out of the box, ArmadaHealth offers an end-to-end service that guarantees 100% accuracy with their QualityCare Connect product.  Experienced clinical navigators interact with the member directly and use enhanced intelligence to find them the best doctors. They then conduct what they refer to as the “last mile” where they call doctor’s offices to confirm coverage, appointment availability, prerequisites and practice data.

Members can easily access the plan by following a link on their employer’s website to a cobranded or private labeled microsite.  They’re immediately able to begin requesting physician recommendations that will then be sent to S.I.E.N.A. and the ArmadaHealth care team to begin their search for the best physician.  Members are delighted by the amount of time that is saved, resulting in an outstanding Net Promoter Score of 86, and employers, in turn, will see improved productivity and peace of mind among their population.


QualityCare Navigate


They’ve taken this platform and made it extensible so organizations that currently provide referrals can take advantage of the technology and user experience to drive efficiencies.  QualityCare Connect can literally be plugged into the current platform and processes and groups can start using it relatively quickly with an infinite number of configurations.

When a plan already has a call center, their agents can access this portal and make requests on behalf of the member as well as view and manage any output from the S.I.E.N.A. process.



Healthcare data is extraordinarily messy – you can’t just turn on a machine and expect accurate, artificial intelligence on the other end.  Sure, they take in stats and data, but ArmadaHealth also uses clinical insights from physicians and subject matter experts.  They asked questions like “What should a profile look like?” and “How can we make sure these profiles are representing the best physicians possible?”

This approach, Enhanced Intelligence, pairs the data science expertise with clinical expertise.  Throughout this process, they’re continually refining and learning more about the nations physicians to ensure your members will get the right matches.

ArmadaHealth’s solutions can help optimize outcomes across your population while providing members assurance that their patient journeys are starting, or restarting, on the best course possible.

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