Shortlister hosted Dr. Jonathan S. Rubens, Chief Medical Officer, and Mr. Sean Kuhn, Vice President of Sales at ActiveHealth, to provide a brief overview of their well-being solution and to share the results of their recently published cost-savings study.


ActiveHealth provides well-being and medical management solutions that drive measurable cost savings and improve health outcomes for all members, especially those who are vulnerable, difficult to engage and have the greatest opportunity for improvement.

Part of the CVS Health® family of companies, ActiveHealth has over 20 years of experience and supports more than 27 million members on their path to better health. More than 600 clinicians and support staff help achieve a 98% member satisfaction rate and a net promoter score of 76.7.


ActiveHealth offers solutions that provide end-to-end support to members all along their health care journey. A recent study points to the success of their well-being solution, specifically with the most at-risk and vulnerable members.


Their well-being solution is meeting members where they are on the path to well-being by: 

  • Supporting people who are healthy and want to stay that way. They also reach people struggling to make managing their health a priority. There are ten lifestyle-focus areas, including stress management, healthy eating, physical activity and much more.
  • Helping members with chronic conditions set health goals and developing personalized plans for achieving them. They offer support for nineteen primary conditions, including top health care cost drivers like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

ActiveHealth promotes a well-being solution that both improves health outcomes and generates real, measurable savings. They do that by following three key steps:

  • Identify – Harness data to find members with specific, actionable opportunities to improve their health.
  • Engage – Focus engagement efforts on at-risk and vulnerable members using a mix of digital and one-to-one outreach.
  • Motivate – Use the power of human connection to motivate better health choices.


A two-year study of over 14,000 commercial members shows that ActiveHealth’s well-being solution engages and leads members on their path to better health and delivers measurable savings.

Key findings include:

  • $27.49 medical cost savings per identified member at all risk levels per month.
  • 20% reduction in inpatient costs for identified members.
  • 24% reduction in acute inpatient admissions.

Human resource leaders must balance controlling costs and offering well-being solutions that engage and motivate employees on their path to better health. With ActiveHealth, you can do both. Their well-being solution achieves proven, hard cost savings through a special focus on helping members who are vulnerable and difficult to engage.

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