ZELIS - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Dan Myers, Sales Director at Zelis, to share insights into Zelis’ integrated provider search matched to your client’s unique needs and the ability to answer the provider in- and out-of-network question within your solution


Zelis works with more than 100 payers (including the 8 largest), leveraging provider data from more than 3,500 provider networks and approximately 200 million user interactions to provide actionable insights through the industry’s leading provider network analysis and provider search solution.

Zelis has extensive experience in provider data management working with some of the largest benefit consultant and health technology companies, supporting the enrollment of close to 10 million members to help ensure they find the right network to meet their needs.

Partnering with Zelis reduces the burden of managing network data through a standardized provider dataset made easily available through a reliable and smartly engineered API solution.


Zelis provider search platform reduces clients’ burden of managing network data from carriers with a standardized provider dataset, easily available through a reliable and smartly engineered API solution.

  • Answer the provider in- and out-of-network questions within your solution
  • Learn about an integrated provider search that is matched to your client's unique needs
  • Benefit from a standardized provider dataset for multi-carrier(s)
  • Enjoy practical, pay for what you use commercial terms
  • Deliver provider search (when you need it in your workflow) conditionally through a reliable and smartly engineered API solution
  • Pre-buy validation, confirm solution satisfies your objectives
  • Reduce your burden of managing network data from multiple carriers
  • Leverage functionally rich provider search endpoints dynamically


  • Zelis organizes the data you need from different carriers considering client-specific configuration requirements
  • The data is updated typically on a weekly update schedule to make sure data in your red box is as up to date as possible, any time you use the API
  • Deliver a stable API environment that is ready to return the provider search use-case invoked by your platform
  • After passing the variables into Zelis endpoint, they return it back to you in your own solution workflow


With 20 years of provider data ownership and subject matter expertise, Zelis gets you paid the way you want.

  • Directly sourced carrier data means the integrity of provider data directly from the carrier
  • Reliable, flexible, purpose-built provider data management and provider search API solution
  • Long-term and trusted enterprise carrier/client relationships enabling millions of enrollments annually
  • Backed by Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Cost and risk-free API sandbox trial
If you would like to learn more about Zelis, contact dan.myers@zelis.com.
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