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Virgin Pulse – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Chelsea Steinmeyer, Executive Director of Consultant Relations with Virgin Pulse, to provide some updates to their product offerings and their Homebase for HealthTM vision.

Over the past 15 years, the Virgin Pulse solution, originally rooted in physical wellness, has globally expanded, and shifted focus to holistic wellbeing and daily routines. Virgin Pulse offers both high-tech health and engagement tools as well as high-touch clinical services, including coaching and condition management, with their most recent expansion into benefits navigation and diabetes prevention. They are continuously deepening and broadening their product scope by building, buying and partnering.

The Vision: Homebase for HealthTM

With their daily engagement platform, a personalization engine driven by AI and flexible program design options help employers build a healthy workforce. Virgin Pulse truly strives to be a one-stop solution to help employers solve some of the most critical health problems among their employees. Their vision encompasses the following aspects:

Get help with clinical care guidance with Virgin Pulse

Be Well
Health & Wellbeing – “Help me manage my health.”
• Digital Wellbeing
• Health Coaching
• Digital Therapeutics

Get help with benefits navigation with Virgin Pulse

Choose Well
Benefits Navigation – “Help me find and utilize my benefits.”
• Benefits Hub
• Benefits Concierge
• Benefits Selection

Get help with clinical care guidance with Virgin Pulse

Buy Well
Care Guidance – “Help me find quality, low cost healthcare.”
• Provider Guidance
• Cost Transparency
• Advocacy

Daily Usage Translates to Meaningful Business Outcomes

Not only is engagement a strong differentitor for Virgin Pulse, but also why they’re confident they can successfully serve as the Homebase for HealthTM for their members. They see on average 7 daily interactions per member per day and 21 engagement days each month. The high levels of engagement result in 86% of Virgin Pulse members reporting positive lifestyle change.

Some of the results? In the wellbeing space, 43% of members achieve the recommended level of sleep. 68% of members report decreased or maintained blood pressure. And 66% of members are more aware of benefits due to Virgin Pulse.

What does that mean for an employer? An average savings of $1,029 per member in annual healthcare costs and 7 times greater use of integrated employee benefits.

Increase with business performance with Virgin Pulse health outcomes


Virgin Pulse Solutions

As a Shortlister subscriber, you needn’t worry about which product to request. Virgin Pulse will take the data provided and fit your company or client to the solution that is best for their needs at the present time. Below is an overview of their products:

Their most simplified wellbeing platform to support health mitigation initiatives including basic components such as an HRA, coaching and biometrics.
A daily engagement and social wellbeing solution that connects employees through individual or team-based challenges to drive collaboration and organizational alignment.
A comprehensive solution focused on personalization, daily engagement and daily routines, culture and productivity while still including challenges, HRA and more traditional wellness components.
A turnkey, holistic solution that can be rolled out in days. A 9-week destination challenge to get people moving, essentially replacing the Global Challenge product, including holistic components.
VP GO Fast Forward
In response to COVID-19, Virgin has created the GO Fast Forward edition program designed to advance employee health and safety during this crisis with COVID-19 focused content.
Introducing VP Passport(TM)
A critical health, safety and crisis response solution to safely reopen workplaces and effectively navigate the next phase of the crisis. Combines monitoring tools, real-time reporting, a communication and engagement platform, live support and supplementary solutions to facilitate a safe, healthy and smooth return to the workplace. Available in June.

They also have several live and digital value-added services that amplify utilization and engagement and drive further results:

Get additional support with Virgin Pulse add ons


If you’re looking to simplify benefits and build a stronger, healthier workforce, Virgin Pulse will provide a solution with results.
Create employee wellness with Virgin Pulse


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