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SimpleTherapy – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Ross Reavis, Vice President of Business Development, to learn more about how SimpleTherapy offers an innovative solution that has combined exercise therapy, a live expert care team, and artificial intelligence to create a hyper-personalized pain recovery program tailored to each member’s unique needs.

Musculoskeletal disorders continue to be on the rise, costing employers significantly more healthcare dollars to treat.  With the proliferation of point solutions and vendors making their way to market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate solutions that can drive meaningful clinical outcomes.  SimpleTherapy was created to address every concern, by providing:


DEEP PERSONALIZATION: Specialty programs, Occupational injury prevention programs, and 18 recovery programs

Download the Smart App – it takes 3 minutes to personalize the app to any conditionCapture3

Simple to Follow Plan of Care – expectations are set with manageable goals

•  Predicts recovery time

•  Motivates the user

•  Adapts in real-time

Evidence-Based Best Practice – perform the exercise therapy and tasks assigned

•  Exercises from a library of over 1,200 are queued up at the right moment

Artificial Intelligence – user’s feedback augments their plan of care in real-time

3-Tiers of Live Health Coaches – the high touch service keeps user’s adherent to their plan of care

•  Designated care team

•  In-app experience

•  Users can see/book the best time for them

Customized Care Pack – Assembled by user’s health coach and shipped to their home

•  Not required to see relief

•  Unlocks new enhanced features

•  Items are used in the journeyCapture5

MSK Care Navigation – Triage to the right level of care, if necessary (ex. Physical therapy, PCP, Care Management Unit, etc)

Integration to Ecosystem Partners – custom protocol-driven integrations steer users to the care they need


DATA AND INTEGRATIONS: Increase engagement with other programs

SimpleTherapy integrates seamlessly with all engagement platforms, enabling a unified member experience:

•  Digital navigation solutions

•  Advocacy / concierge services

•  Aggregators

•  Wellness platforms / hubs

•  And more


The key to driving ROI is simultaneously maximizing customer value and minimizing cost. SimpleTherapy removes the time consuming and often costly barriers of traditional care for MSK-related conditions by utilizing progressive technology to deliver a cost-efficient, high-quality and clinically effective musculoskeletal solution.


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