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Morneau Shepell – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Paul Sywulych, Vice President, Enterprise Digital Solutions to learn about how Morneau Shepell’s integrated HR solutions — including benefits, pension, absence and total well-being services — empower HR leaders with technology that makes it easier for their workforce to be more effective, happier and healthier at work.
Morneau Shepell’s total well-being solutions encompass work, life, mental, physical and financial well-being.

Administrative Solutions

Pension & Benefits Software

Retirement Solutions

Asset & Risk Management
Defined Contribution Solutions

Health and Productivity Solutions

Absence & Disability Management
Workers’ Compensation


Employee & Family Assistance Programs
Today’s reality is that advanced technologies are currently, and will increasingly, shape our everyday lives. Morneau Shepell is meeting participants where they are:
Online – simple experience, tailored to your needs, personalized, educational
mobileMobile – anytime, anywhere, any device
print and mailPrint and email – customized, personalized, targeted, measurable
in personIn person – targeted workshops, one-on-one support, motivate team members to make effective decisions
service centerService center – 95% satisfaction, HIPAA certified, extension of your HR team
Employer programs are architected using consumer-grade, responsive website technology inspired by leading platforms, with a focus on improving lives and businesses in the following areas:

Decision Support

  • Support for all core benefit elections
  • Integrated decision-support to personalize choice
  • Level of fit & estimated out-of-pocket costs leverage a database of over 150M claimantsAnnotation 2019-10-08 152211
  • Increase confidence in the elections process
  • Integration of voluntary and lifestyle benefits to maximize value to employees and reduce administration fees

Financial Security & Retirement

  • Holistic picture of resources to support financial health – now & into the future
  • Ability to plug into Morneau Shepell solutions and/or integrate with third parties

Health & Well-Being

  • Comprehensive overview of programs to support mental and physical wellbeing
  • Interoperability with total wellbeing solutions
  • API integration to support holistic view of health tools

Career & Workplace

  • Optional career health section
  • Plugs automatically into our absence & disability management solutions
  • Enables distribution of company resources to support employee productivity

Life Events

  • Consolidated access to tools and resources to support the ‘moments that matter’ in the lives of people
We need to embrace emerging technologies as they will influence what is expected of us. There will be a role for people, but it will change over time. Picking a trusted partner is key to success.


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