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Pack Health – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Mary Beth Basu, CHC, RDN/LDN with Pack Health, to share more about their comprehensive approach to chronic care management and how they address social determinants of health, comorbidities, and mental health to create the best engagement from their members.


Pack Health uses a high touch model to inspire change and overcome barriers.  They have established and found success with five foundational points for coaching members with chronic diseases:

Increased Engagement: One or two clinical appointments a year is not enough. They bring 5+ touchpoints to the table each week from a personal Health Advisor with empathy-forward coaching and support.

Get to the Root Causes: Every interaction needs to consider social determinants and barriers that contribute to chronic conditions and prevent members from engaging in healthy behaviors.

Make it Easy and Understandable: They prioritize making content in easy-to-understand language. Health Advisors also communicate with members based on their preferences through calls and emails or texts.

Build Upon Evidence: Their team is non-clinical to ensure scalability and accessibility for members. All Health Advisors are trained on evidence-based behavior change literature through their in-house NBC-HWC certified training program.

Improve the Experience: Excessive choice and incompatibility negatively impact experience. They cover 25+ conditions on one platform with 250+ integrations to keep things simple, cost-effective, and efficient.



Pack Health’s high touch platform helps their Health Advisors understand what an individual needs and wants, what motivates them, and how they best absorb the information.  They drive outcomes by strategically engaging the whole person through personalized weekly calls, five outbound touchpoints, and unlimited inbound access.  A member’s one-on-one coaching experience will help address social determinates of health, which involve choices, not just access alone.  Members can also sync tracking devices, such as fitness, blood glucose, etc., to easily share additional data points to help address any of the 25+ chronic conditions Pack Health works to improve.

Pack Health helps with over 25 diseases

All of this is provided in one platform that is configurable to each member’s journey.  Members can expect Health Advisors to address other conditions and comorbidities, the consideration of social determinants of health in their coaching plan, and a consistent, condition-specific member experience.


Members are paired with trusted Health Advisors, who are experts in facilitating behavior change and form a deep relationship with the member.  Their backgrounds include social work, psychology, exercise physiology, biomedical anthropology, public health, biology, and more to qualify them to provide resources and coordinate care.

Once a relationship is established, the five weekly touchpoints target condition management based on what the member is most interested in and motivated by to hit their top needs first.  A typical journey will include touchpoints in the following areas:

Pack Health Advisors


  • Introductions and Expectations
  • Goalsetting, S.M.A.R.T. Goal Method
  • Condition Management: What to Track and Why
  • Medication Management
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Getting the Right Care
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Social Support
  • Health Budgeting
  • Continuing the Journey


Pack Health goes the extra mile to help members overcome barriers with their concierge services, which are offered up at no extra fee when a barrier to care is identified.  These services include medical transportation, food vouchers, appointment preparation and management, medication charts, and so much more!


Pack Health uses Sales Force® technology which allows them to keep all their technology organized and easy to use.  It also allows them to coach the Health Advisors for constant improvement.  The member has a seamless experience and doesn’t see any third party integrations, making a very robust service easy to use.


The results speak for themselves.  Here is the 12-week impact of Pack Health:

Medication Adherence: 54% of members improve adherence

30-Day Hospital Readmissions: down 38% due to program participation

Financial Distress: 38% of members improve their financial wellbeing score

HBA1C: a 4.2 decrease for members with an average baseline A1c of 11.3

Pain: 44% of members experience less pain

Depression: 78% of members with mild and moderate depression improve symptoms


Pack Health’s program can typically be implemented within 60 days.  They start by gaining an understanding of who in the population you’d like them to impact.  They use diagnosis history from eligibility files to identify which members of a group would be a good fit for Pack Health.  Then, communicate the program just to identified members using an opt in approach before a member is introduced to their personal Health Advisor.

Pack Health's many communication modalities

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