HDMS – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Aaron Seliger, VP of Sales, and Danny Hom, Product & Solutions Consultant with HDMS, to share more about how integrated analytics are the flywheel of health and wellness benefits management, driving greater and more reliable returns across health investments.



Making benefits decisions and wise investments with so much change and unknown is difficult. Successful companies rely on integrated analytics to visualize their needs and manage performance across their Total Rewards strategy, using all the disparate data sets that reflect it.

Health Data & Management Solutions (HDMS) offers purposeful, integrated view of wellness, cost, and productivity across a host of programs and population needs.  They help companies determine what’s really working, assess risks and produce quantified results to guide strategic decisions.  With the ability to identify proactive cost reduction strategies and understand health impacts on productivity, these companies are getting more out their investments, and they can show it.


Depending on what you’re trying to do, HDMS designs, builds, and manages your data and analytic environment so you can do more with data.  Whether it’s improving the health of employees, developing an optimized benefits strategy, or driving cost savings, you’re not alone.

Their high-end customer experience is focused on making clients successful through strategic use of data.  With over 125 health data experts focused on quality, you can trust what you see.  They have experience with clients across the healthcare continuum – health plans, employers, providers, and brokers, even further broadening their industry expertise.


HDMS solutions are based around strategic use of a cloud-based analytics platform.  This lets you focus on using data and driving results and leaves the complex integration and transformation work in the hands of a seasoned team who views your success as a reflection of their own.

Your experience with HDMS technology is:

  • Actionable – Unlock opportunities using industry recognized enrichment methodologies
  • Immediately valuable – 300 pre-built healthcare-centric dashboards & reports
  • Powerful – Deep advanced analysis with drilling to member & provider level
  • Secure – Best-in-class security and privacy controls and standards
  • Easy-to-use – Configure reports & dashboards with a few clicks of a mouse
  • Flexible – Reports & dashboards customizable to needs of any audience

HDMS offers analytic platforms that flex with their clients’ needs, take away the operational headaches, and deliver a client experience that guides customers to the most strategic and innovative use of analytics.  Better insights drive costs down, outcomes and quality up, and improve the lives of individuals for a productive workforce.  It’s a small investment that drives returns on all your other choices.

Better insights drive costs down, outcomes and quality up, and improve the lives of individuals for a productive workforce


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