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Shortlister hosted Melanie Hallenbeck, Chief Growth Officer, Jocelyn Purtell, Chief Operating Officer, and Allen Niemynski, Broker & Advisor Relations Executive with benefitexpress, to share insider tips on the importance of communication during times of emergency and to learn how benefitexpress’ suite of communication services are enhancing the employee experience in a time when staying connected matters most.

Communication is at the forefront of benefits administration and benefitexpress is demonstrating its importance with their own workforce. The #BEtterTogether social media campaign is using the power of communication to stay connected during a crisis and giving their audience an inside look into their remote team and commitment to supporting clients—no matter where they are.  From virtual town hall meetings and happy hours to SWAG gifts from the CEO, they are #BetterTogether, even when physically apart, and are able to provide the same level of service their clients have come to know and expect.


Benefitexpress has worked hard to implement multiple plan changes to accommodate the impacts of COVID-19. Examples include:

  • Creating new statuses (e.g. furloughed employee)
  • Shifting furloughed employees to direct bill
  • Adjusting payroll files to accommodate changes to employee deductions
    (e.g. zeroing out or adding employee to employer amounts)
  • Adding new life events (e.g. to change DCRA) or to accommodate the new DOL regulations
  • Changing ACA eligibility requirements
  • Allowing changes to FSA amounts



benefitexpress' communication modals provide variety

Educating employees on their benefits has always been difficult. But now, during COVID-19, you’re likely experiencing more challenges than ever before; internal communication budgets have been cut, employees are working remotely, and attention is understandably focused elsewhere.  Benefitexpress worries about the details of internal communications for you with customized, targeted, and timely methods.  Here are some popular examples:

Custom Emails

  • To all employees with COVID-19 health care information
  • To targeted employees who are newly on furlough


  • Sent postcards for upcoming OE instead of emails


  • To direct bill notices to communicate additional 30 days for payment
  • To COBRA packages to communicate extended enrollment/payment periods

Microsites (Benefits Websites)

  • Provide up to date COVID-19 info to employees and families–without having to log in to a site
  • Can also be used for pre-hires, retirees, or other targeted benefits classes

Compliance Communications

  • Deliver communication through various channels centered around new DOL regulations
  • Midyear enrollment and election changes for health plans and FSAs

COBRA Alternatives

  • Partnership with GoHealth
  • Provides employees more affordable healthcare than is offered through COBRA
  • Simultaneously reduces the burden of COBRA claim costs



HR and benefits professionals know there is no shortage of benefits communication topics—but how and when to communicate, along with preparing an action plan to deliver the message is where it can get tricky—and even, at times, overwhelming!

Communicate benefits to employees with benefitexpress

To help you get started, benefitexpress suggests focusing on communicating information about benefit offerings that will specifically help employees navigate the uncharted waters of a COVID-19 world, such as:

Benefits of Telemedicine

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, making now an ideal time to highlight telehealth service options. Telemedicine is often discussed as an important way to help manage and reduce health care costs and can be a cost-effective healthcare option for employees to avoid leaving home when sick or spreading illness to others.

Urgent Care vs. The Emergency Room

Urgent care centers are popping up across the country, but many employees don’t know what makes them different from emergency rooms. Make sure to communicate the differences with your employees and provide guidance on how and why they might consider using urgent care during this time.

Employee Assistance Programs

Stress is no stranger to the modern workforce, and the global pandemic along with other distressing cultural issues of late has only intensified its presence. This is an opportune time to use your communication channels to remind employees of EAP offerings, including an explanation of services offered and specific contact information.

Lifestyle Benefits Education

If your organization offers lifestyle benefits, it’s likely there are employees who aren’t using them—but should. Successful communication is key to driving engagement with benefits, both core and voluntary. Make time to remind your workforce of these helpful perks they could be missing out on.



benefitexpress is committed to assisting their search partners during this time and have provided a three-step outline to help brokers and advisers get the most out of their benefits administration partner relationships.

benefitexpress helping clients solve communication problems

  1. Ask your benefits administration partner how they’ve helped their own clients face COVID-19 challenges head-on. Use their processes as a benchmark to replicate across your own book of business.
  2. Use their industry expertise to help adjust client evaluations and scope. Key questions to consider include:
    1. Do timelines need to change?
    2. Are there new or revised assumptions that could impact pricing
    3. Do they need any additional services such as COBRA, call center or benefits communication?
  3. Use ben admin partners to offer a point-solution software and service to clients that need a cost-effective alternative.

Benefitexpress is still taking business for this year’s annual enrollment and is ready to act fast to provide the communication solution you need.


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