KOA HEALTH - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Koa Health CEO Dr. Oliver Harrison to share insights about their scalable and cost-effective digital solutions that support mental health with engaging, evidence-based tools.


Committed to making mental health care more effective, accessible, and scalable, as a digital mental healthcare provider, Koa Health offers digital solutions for health to companies, healthcare providers, and insurers. With practical, engaging, and easy-to-use digital tools grounded in science and designed by experts, Koa helps your team prioritize their mental health.


  • The self-care market is complex and confusing with point solutions that don’t integrate.
  • Only 2% of apps have any evidence that they work.
  • Teletherapy is overwhelmed with wait times of up to 40 days.

In response to this, Koa Health has created a simple yet effective solution that can help improve access, convenience, and engagement. Their solutions offer evidence-based  support for those that need it the most.  


Koa Foundations is a science-based wellbeing app that supports mental wellbeing for staff and patients with evidence-based tools. 

Koa Foundation offers:

  • Diverse activities for mental wellbeing based on CBT, positive psychology, and mindfulness.
  • Specialized modules designed to help users sleep, manage anxious thoughts, and unwind.
  • A personalized user experience to sustain engagement and improve effectiveness.


Koa Mindset is an eight-step clinician-supervised Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program.
During the eight-step program, individuals work through exercises that explain the roots of depression. They are offered science-based techniques to better manage them. 

Koa Mindset offers:

  • Science-based learning
  • Practice exercises
  • Tracking and scheduling tools
  • Mindfulness exercises

Most mental health issues develop over time. Early intervention is often the key to preventing severe mental illness and negative social impact. Koa Health’s scalable and cost-effective digital solutions support mental wellbeing with engaging, evidence-based tools. These tools enable people to change their behaviors with effective and accessible tools that adapt to their unique circumstances.

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