HDMS - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted HDMS’s Vice President of Sales, Aaron Seliger and Manager of Analytics and Methodologies, Lynette Calkins, to share best practices on improving your data management that will result in making well-informed decisions.


Health Data & Management Solutions, Inc. (HDMS) is a trusted leader in healthcare analytics across the care continuum. The company transforms data into a high-value, decision-support asset that serves employer, provider, and broker customers. The company’s solutions put unparalleled analytic power into the hands of customers, guiding them to make actionable and confident decisions to improve the health of their population.

Their self-service analytics provide easy access to interactive investigations of integrated health and wellbeing. Clients engage with HDMS because their software Enlight™ advantages:

  • Easy to use, powerful, secure, and flexible for the user
  • Drives actionable insights which bring immediate value
  • Looks at your overall book-of-business, roll-ups of similar entities and each individual company


HDMS meets their customers where they are and guides them on a data-driven journey. Their additional services include the following:

  • Measure KPIs with Benchmarks and Alerts
  • Answer urgent business questions
  • Identify emerging trends and drivers
  • Innovate with strategic analytic projects
  • Plan and execute long term studies
  • Uncover and apply insights

Great health analytic platforms take the world of health big data and simplify it. When you have insights at your fingertips, you’ll be making the right health investments, get better results, and higher plan performance. Companies that partner with HDMS witness how easy it can be to get more out of complex data when the integration and enhancement work is already done. As a result, you can make more time driving healthier results and more affordable care for your people!

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