DAYTWO - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Robert Boyer, VP of Enterprise Solutions, and Andrew Federici, VP of Marketing with DayTwo, to share about a new scientific breakthrough for Metabolic Disease that finally enables a path to remission.


DayTwo’s product is based on five years of research conducted by data scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

As a result, today they have:

  • 65k Patient members
  • 250 Providers
  • 26 Employers
  • 6 Health systems
  • 3 Payors
  • 2 Pharma


Today, they are providing more value and a more precise approach to treating and enabling a path for remission for people with diabetes and metabolic disease. With the gut microbiome profile, DayTwo has the ability to look at each individual and help them before they eat while examining how their blood sugar is going to react to food and food combinations.


DayTwo uses gut microbiome profiling to provide a precise nutrition approach that enables a path to remission for people with metabolic disease. They use telehealth solutions to council and coach members on a program.


1. Enrollment

  • Screening interview
  • Welcome Box Received
  • Microbiome Sample Provided
  • Nutritional Assessment

2. Onboarding

  • Results Consultation
  • 1st CGM Connection
  • Meal Inventory Session
  • Meal Tuning Session

3. 12 weeks of Intervention

  • Phone & Video calls, 24/7 text support


  • 1.6 drop-in A1C, 63% increase time-in-range, 18 lbs weight loss, and 34% reductions and eliminations of medications
  • 72% of the individuals who use the DayTwo app have more energy, 55% sleep better, and 48% are less hungry and less stressed.

DayTwo wants to make sure that individuals have the ability to use their app to monitor and manage their diet because the reality is that there is no one perfect food for individuals. Each person reacts differently to the same food and determining the reaction ahead of time is where they’ve found success.

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