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Alight – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Holly Snider, Solutions Architect at Alight Solutions, to learn how their app, SmartBen NOW, makes HR and benefits information accessible to employees year-round all in one place.

We know that employers are trying to become more and more creative with their benefits strategy to minimize the impact of the rising healthcare costs, both for themselves, and for their employees, as well as deliver options and programs to attract the best talent and help meet employees where they’re at.  All these new benefit programs are introduced such as telemedicine, transparency tools, cessation programs, disease management programs, fertility programs, wellness incentives, financial tools —- you name it!!  The goal of providing these resources is to add value to the core benefit package and help the employee understand how to consume their benefits all year.

too many apps

The more creative you get with your clients to try to and identify programs that will be impactful to their employee population, while simultaneously trying to not overload them with options and information, the more employees can become confused about what’s actually available to them, and where to find programs when they need them.  Ultimately, employers are being tasked with presenting this information in a way that will capture employees’ attention, educate them, AND keep benefits relevant all year long.




Are important programs and messages getting lost in the shuffle?

               office workers Office workers, on average, receive 132 inbound emails every day

               dont know   38% of employees say they don’t know where to find information on pay, benefits or HR topics

                new app-1 With each program comes a new log in and new app to download and learn

               avg american  The average American has over 130 online accounts registered to a single email




smartbenappAlight helps simplify benefits strategies with their mobile application, SmartBen NOW.  It’s designed to be a place where employees can use ONE login to access all their benefit information, personalized to them, all year.  They can access detailed information year-round about their deductibles, plan balances, wellness program…employees can even store their ID cards within the app!

Alight builds connections to each program so employees no longer must download individual apps, remember what each program is for, or even what programs are available to them. They’ll see only what they’re eligible for, coupled with direct and specific messaging that applies to them – and how they should be consuming benefits.


               makinglifesimplerMaking life simpler

               Easy access to personal, health and financial information through one dashboard

               passwordWith one password

               Managing multiple passwords for access to benefit information is a thing of the past

               productiveMore productive and satisfied employees

               Create a better experience for employees while keeping benefits top of mind





SmartBen NOW will also help employers and HR teams manage benefits more effectively.  Employers can monitor utilization.  Analytics include how many users have downloaded the app, how many are logged in, how many are using the app for enrollment, and so much more.

Employers can choose the order in which the tools are presented and control the messaging to the employee to allow for targeted and relevant reminders to take action.  Choose from Alight’s library of templates and control the delivery method, timing, audience, language, etc.

Benefits aren’t benefiting employees or employers who don’t know how to access them.  SmartBen NOW is constructed to simplify the benefits experience for consultants, employers, and employees alike to drive engagement and maximize utilization. 


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