Accolade – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Kristen Vener, Director of Business Development, and Anay Patel, Senior Director of Provider Solutions at Accolade, Inc. to share more about how the Accolade Total Care solution can help organizations deliver better healthcare experiences and outcomes at a lower cost.

Accolade has been delivering personalized health and benefits solutions for more than 10 years, and it serves 1.5 million members. Its mission is to empower people through expertise, empathy, and technology to make the best decisions for their health and well-being. Employers offer Accolade to employees and their families as the single place to turn for all health, healthcare, and benefits questions or concerns, increasing their engagement in benefits and connecting them to high-quality providers and care. Accolade Total Care is the latest addition to the Accolade solutions portfolio, which provides innovation for employers and help transform the U.S. healthcare experience.


Personalized Advocacy to Empower Your People

We all know making decisions about our health is difficult, especially since it isn’t always a priority until access to the healthcare system becomes necessary. Most people choose a provider based on a referral, online reviews, or their proximity and location. The Accolade Total Care solution guides members to the right resources for their individual needs, matching them with high-quality providers and offering support at every stage of care.

Accolade has created a better consumer experience so your employees can get answers to any of their health and benefits questions. For the member, it’s simple: They have direct access to an Accolade Health Assistant or nurse who brings it all together to help them make the best decisions. All member-facing communication guides them to Accolade so they know where to find an expert who can help them get the support they need:

Open enrollment questions? Ask Accolade.       

Receive a confusing EOB? Ask Accolade.

A new pain starting to bother you? Ask Accolade.

The Accolade platform ingests data about an employer’s benefits plans, such as eligibility, elections, and claims data, to create a complete member profile. When Health Assistants or nurses engage with members, they have the right information at their fingertips to deliver personalized benefits navigation and clinical guidance.

Accolade achieves a strong reputation and high engagement rates by building strong relationships with members and delivering a 5-star experience. Furthermore, the team proactively reaches out when their platform identifies triggers that a member may be preparing for a healthcare event. The goal is to engage members early and often—before a healthcare claim hits so Accolade can make the biggest impact on influencing care decisions, like choosing the right doctor and following the right care path.


Accolade Total Care

IPMThe Accolade Total Care solution uses intelligent provider matching to demystify the provider selection process and guide members to the right care. It becomes even more powerful in combination with Accolade’s clinical guidance service, one of the company’s core competencies.

Accolade Total Care allows employers to maintain their existing health plan relationships with no disruption. Thanks to its high member engagement rate, Accolade can help drive referrals into carrier programs for things like chronic condition management, maternity, case management and hospitalization, ultimately making a positive impact on medical costs and trends.


Intelligent Provider Matching

To avoid costly mistakes for members and employers alike, Accolade Total Care assists members with provider selection early in the care journey by focusing on three factors:

1. Provider Experience – a better understanding of where a provider sub-specializes and develops clinical expertise across conditions, procedures, and diagnosis

2. Outcome Data – how the provider compares to peers on a nationwide level using compensation rates, readmission rates, and length of stay

3. Cost Efficiency – data from 14 billion claims shows a direct correlation between quality and const transparency

To further differentiate its intelligent provider matching capability, Accolade Total Care supports the member beyond physician selection so they can evaluate social worker, clinical psychologists, therapists, and counselors. In total, Accolade has information about nearly 2 million providers and care sites that have been reviewed and analyzed on its platform.


Clinical Guidance

Accolade recognizes that data in isolation isn’t enough to ensure members are making the right decisions. A successful episode of care involves a series of complex decisions, many of which are difficult to discern without supported guidance.

Backed by intelligent technology and leading provider quality data, Accolade Health Assistants and nurses schedule appointments, prepare members for care, follow up after visits, and provide ongoing guidance—reducing healthcare spending and costs.

Clinical Guidance

With Accolade Total Care, a member receives personalized support at every step of their care journey.


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